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Javier Hernandez concussion makes it out for two weeks

Javier Hernandez concussion......

Javier Hernandez Concussion Makes It Out For Two Weeks

Javier Hernandez spent his last night in hospital after suffering a concussion on Manchester United's training session at Red Bull Arena, New York. He first entered the Hospital on Tuesday (26/07) and local time. 23 years old Mexico striker suffered the injury a concussion in front of thousands of fans who watched the practice session.

Hernandez then immediately taken to hospital as a precaution and the rest when his team has a match this morning (28/07) when Indonesia against the Major League All-Stars.
A Manchester United spokesman said: "Chicharito suffered a mild concussion during training." We have taken all necessary precautions, including staying in the hospital.
According to the latest news StarSports sites are launched through an interview with Ferguson, Hernandez had to rest two weeks and will not be involved when United meet Barcelona in early August.
According to Fergie, even if it does not get a concussion injury, Hernandez can not be played in the game because they had to rest after the Gold Cup tournament with the Mexican national team.
He will not play along with teammate when MU met Barcelona because they have to rest after defending his country in the Gold Cup tournament. But, he will undergo the tour and continue to train with other team members, "said Ferguson.

kick off serie-a start on 27 august 2011

Kick Off Serie-A....

Kick Off Serie - A Start On 27 August 2011

The results of the Copa Italia 2011-12 season draw has been announced. Opening match of the first round of the Copa Italia will begin on August 7. In the first round, there is no Serie A club which will play. Most were from Serie B or lower. A total of 36 teams will fistfight each advanced to the second round on 14 August.

The third round began on August 21, Serie A will begin to compete. However, the eighth seed like Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, and the other five will play in the fifth round on December 8, 13, or January 11. Final itself will be held at the Stadio Olimpico on May 20. Stadio Olimpico dihelatnya back into place the final which took place on May 20, 2012.
Teams that are written in parentheses is the team that must be faced in the second half. While the third round is scheduled to be held on August 21.
Piacenza-Pontedera vs (Empoli)
Siracusa-Teramo vs (Livorno)
Spezia-Valle d'Aosta vs (Bari)
Benevento-Tritium vs (Gubbio)
Frosinone-Pomigliano vs (Modena)
Pisa-Sibilla Bacoli vs (Cittadella)
Como-Prato vs (Grosseto)
Foggia-Trapani vs (Nocerina)
Lumezzane-Pro Patria vs (Torino)
Latina-L'Aquila vs (Brescia)
Reggiana-Carpi vs (Padova)
Sorrento-Tamai vs (Crotone)
Virtus Lanciano-Castel Rigone vs (AlbinoLeffe)
Barletta-Carrarese vs (Reggina)
Portogruaro-Avellino vs (Varese)
Taranto-FeralpiSalò vs (Ascoli)
Triestina-Voghera vs (Pescara)
Alessandria-Casertana vs (Sampdoria)
In addition to the Italian Lega Calcio Copa also has released the official schedule of Serie A 2011-12 season. And kick off will be at the title on August 27. At first giornata, the defending champion, AC Milan had to go diving. Milan will travel to Sardinia to meet the host, Cagliari on August 27, 2011. In addition to Milan, AS Roma and Juventus should also be a guest team in their opener.
Meanwhile, Inter Milan, Napoli and Lazio vice versa. All three teams will host the opening match. Inter host Lecce, Napoli Genoa meeting, while Lazio Chievo Verona visit. Interesting matches will start at giornata 2 when AC Milan entertain Lazio. Although it is difficult for the Inter game will start at giornata 3 when they have to entertain Roma. While at the same time Milan had to face Napoli at the San Paolo.

thiago alcantara make two goal for barcelona to be champion audi cup 2011

Thiago Alcantara.....

Thiago Alcantara Make Two Goal For Barcelona To Be Champion Audi Cup 2011

Thiago Alcantara impressive appearance continues. After scoring the first goal Barcelona's best player at the time of silence becomes Internacional, this time Thiago able to score two goal victory over hosts, Bayern Munich.

The success scored two goals victory against Hans-Horg Butt and give Barca won the Audi Cup trophy in 2011 at the Allianz Arena. Since the first half, both sides are equally display the game open. Although both lower second-tier players, still does not make the game appeal to recede
Aggressiveness exhibited both teams created enough chances created. Bayern and Barcelona respectively able to spread the threat. However, for half an hour game walk no tercipta.Baru goal in the 43rd minute Barcelona finally able to break the deadlock with a goal by Thiago first. Receiving feedback breakthrough, Thiago into the penalty box before unleashing a right-foot shot lodged in the Bayern goal.

After winning just one goal in the first half, Barcelona further increase the aggressiveness of the pressure after the break. However, Bayern would not give up. Some of the major players played by coach Juup Heynckes.

However, these efforts could not make the Bayern game improves. Barcelona is still dominant in possession in midfield. Thiago appearance as a major general in the midfield is so dominant. Climax, in the 75th minute midfielder Spain U-21 national team back to being decided by two goals. Ball outside the penalty box, kick off Thiago distance above the nest in the corner without being able to reach Hans-Jorg Butt.
Thiago's second goal could not be pursued by Bayern. Efforts continue to suppress the host still can not change the outcome of the fight. Until the fight ended, the score remained 2-0. Barcelona won the Audi Cup 2011.

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fernando torres not forgotten how to score goals

fernando torres.....

Fernando Torres Not Forgotten How To Score Goals

Spain striker, Fernando Torres, feel confident of being able to restore our best to help Chelsea won the title next season.

Since purchased in late January from Liverpool, Torres is only contributed one goal from 18 appearances for Chelsea.

In a test match Chelsea had done three times, not all El Nino can be netted goals against the opponent. However, Torres insisted he had not forgotten how to score against the opponent.

"I'm (still) 27 years. Do not worry, I forgot how to score goals, I will score goals as quickly as possible," Torres confident.

"Next season will be a great season that I look pretty., This time to be fit and feel ready. We all strive to achieve best performance. We have a lot of hope and I could see a winning mentality there (at Chelsea)," explained Torres . "We started the new season with new coach, with a new person on the team and we're ready."

Juve attack munchen linked through transfer Vidal

Juve attack munchen......

Juve attack munchen linked through transfer Vidal

Juventus started to attach the body to maintain Arturo Vidal, Chile imported players from Bayer Leverkusen a constant attack by Bayern Munich. Hollywood, nicknamed Munich, not only to criticize the hard steps to Juventus Vidal, but also call the 24-year player is immoral.

Juventus moved in accordance with the rules in the transfer market by contacting the club, who then contact the Bayer Leverkusen player, "said the general director of Juventus, Beppe Marotta process approach is based on binding rules for professional clubs everywhere .. Therefore, the transfer Chilean midfielder did not break the rules.

But Vidal's decision to La Signora assessed Vechia reneged on promises that have been submitted to the President of Munich, Oli Hoeness. In a conversation via telephone, defensive midfielder declared ready for dock in Munich to follow in the footsteps Heynckess Jupp, a former mentor who coached Munich. If a duet with Bastian Schweinsteiger, Munich midfielder is expected to be one of the best in the world.

source : juventus.com
Bayern Munich chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Vidal says it should be fixed at the initial decision that has been given as promised. Step Boateng and Manuel Neuer is out of the old clubs to join the Bavarian Vidal should emulate. "If he's an unscrupulous players, will be here now," said Rummenigge.

Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voller, Vidal said that migration to the Bundesliga giants were unlikely to materialize. "There are several reasons that do not allow Vidal to Munich," said Voller. Many believe Leverkusen did not want a player 24 years his main rival was made more robust and obstruct the ambition to win the Bundesliga Leverkusen.

Beppe Marotta did not accept blame new players with this decision. "Rummenigge choose a less orthodox way," he said. Failure in the transfer market can not be attributed to the players because of the lack of good communication. "If they keep quiet, could be a better decision," he said. "In a situation Vidal, Juventus follow market rules. The agreement between the clubs with Bayer Leverkusen and also the players." Write the club's official statement.

Juventus and then Bayern assessed blame squandered opportunities in the transfer market. Mainly due to a lack of continuity of communication with Bayern on transfer Vidal. I Bianconeri also assess Rummenigge criticism during the competition smells of the past. Was not separated from the status as a former player Kalle Inter Milan, Juventus's main rival.

Arturo Vidal is one of the main pillars Leverkusen last season. Players from Chile are being strengthened his country in the Copa America 2011 in Argentina. Before the groom to Juventus, Vidal sought a number of top European clubs such as Napoli, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Bayern Munich. Juventus offer € 10.5 million fund to get the club established Vidal from Germany. Payments are made in stages three times, ie € 5,000,000 paid when moving players, 3 million eruo in June 2012, and 2.5 million euros at December 31, 2012.

united still chasing one more player

Man. United still chasing....

Man. United Still Chasing One More Player

Manchester United have spent around 50 million Pounds in the transfer market this summer. This use of funds for United to buy three players, Ashley Young, David de Gea and Phil Jones. Now, the Society plans to add one more player before the transfer window closes at the end Agusutus later.

This information is approved by Manchester United's chief executive, David Gill, who reportedly had a meeting in the city of Milan, Inter for midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

Although Ferguson has repeatedly denied plans Wesley came to Old Trafford, but the rumors about the Dutch national team player who never subsided. States itself is rumored to be fighting for the return of Sneijder until the transfer window officially closed on August 31.

In addition to Sneijder's name, there is one other name that also target the Red Devils this season. Samir Nasri is reported to be an alternative choice if they failed to get Sneijder.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, David Gill claimed that his club still needs one more extra strength.

"We are still targeting one player in the transfer market again. There is one position that has not been fulfilled and there are 2-3 names to our choice," said Gill.

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Xavi messi and ronaldo get the best players compete uefa

Xavi, messi and ronaldo.....

Xavi, Messi and Ronaldo Get The Best Players Compete UEFA

UEFA have released the names of three who will compete as the Players League. These three names are now grazing in La Liga. Two names are retainer Barcelona Xavi Hernandez and Lionel Messi, as well as one other name is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid strengthened.

The award is organized by the voting system that involves 53 sports journalists from each member country of UEFA, where previously there were ten names of persons nominated for the top three. This award will be announced on August 25, coinciding with the Champions League group stage draw.
Xavi and Messi managed to bring their clubs, Barcelona won the Spanish League and Champions League last season. Messi scored a success even 554 goals in all levels of competition with Barcelona in 55 appearances.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo will rely on his personal success to the Spanish league top scorer with 40 goals, which makes the achievement that won the Golden Boot of the European Sports Media (ESM) last season.
Selection of the best players UEFA will also involve the ESM as an assessment team, and will look for new winners to replace Diego Milito, who won the title last year because of the success to bring Inter Milan won the treble.

The journalist has selected seven other versions of their best players. They are the players who did not enter the top three and rank four to 10 and the results have been reported on the UEFA website. Every journalist fills three names, which will rank. The name became the first choice getting five points, name the second option to get three points and third choice one point.
The following is a list of 7 the best player of choice journalists :

4.  FC Barcelona: Andres Iniesta (33 poin)
5.  Porto: Falcao (17 poin)
6.  Manchester United: Wayne Rooney (15 poin)
7.  Manchester United: Nemanja Vidic (5 poin)
8.  AC Milan: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (4 poin)
9.  Barcelona: Gerard Pique (4 poin)
10.Bayern Munich: Manuel Neuer (3 poin)

Then, who will occupy the third rank until the first of the name Xavi, Messi and Ronaldo?